Cold Tenderness

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cold tenderness a street art project - part of the New Brighton 2020 Street Art Festival

Cold Tenderness

The Cold Tenderness mural was part of New Brighton’s latest regeneration project, simply called New Brighton Street Art. The project has street art by some of the best international street artists as well as a selection of local artists. All the artist’s involved brought individual style to the murals, bringing new life into the New Brighton neighbourhood.

Where is the Cold Tenderness Mural?

The Cold Tenderness mural is located in a carpark off Waterloo Road, New Brighton.

If you use What Three Words to navigate around and want to get the exact location the What Three Words are gladiators.abode.parks

Who is behind the Cold Tenderness Mural?

SNIK is an artist duo, a female and male partnership, who hand cut stencils to create art. The duo have been working together for over 10 years, with a purpose to tell stories of the everyday focusing on conventional and commonplaces.

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  • Mural Name: Cold Tenderness
  • Location: Waterloo Road
  • What Three Words: gladiators.abode.parks
  • Date: October 5, 2020
  • Artist Name: ,